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250 LPH RO Plant model is starting RO range in Industrial RO plant segment with universal industry standard size of 8040 membrane.  It has single “8040” RO Membrane that gives a fantastic long lasting performance to the client requirement. It has flow rate of 16000 liter per hour with the duty cycle of 160000 ltr per day. It has high demand in Schools, Hospitals, Industries, corporate offices etc. The running cost of maintenance is also low  16000 LPH RO Plant. The below information shows the design and specification of 20000 LPH RO Plant.

Design Basis of R O System  

  1. Plant Capacity:

The Reverse Osmosis Plant has been designed to produce the desired output of 20000 Liters per Hour.  

  1. Raw Water analysis:

The Reverse Osmosis System is designed on following raw water analysis as indicated below ;

Raw water sourceBore Well
pHNot Known
TDSUpto 2000 Mg/L
below 10 mg/l
  1. Plant Design Basis and Conditions:
  2. We have designed this system to produce permeate flow 250 Liters per hour.
  3. The treated water quality as required i.e pH 7-8 after correction ,TDS <100 PPM & Hardness < 50 PPM can be achieve , subject to the feed water quality is the same as specified above .In case of any change in the quality of raw water it may have implication on operating parameters or on end results of the system.
  4. The system of recovery is properly maintained corresponding to the raw water TDS.
  5. RO feed water limiting conditions as mentioned below are strictly maintained,
Turbidity< 1 NTU
Free ChlorideNil
Oil & GreaseNil
Iron<0.1 PPM
TDSBelow 100 mg/l


1Raw Water PumpKirloskar1 No
2Sand  FilterPentair1 No
3Carbon FilterPentair1 No
4Anti-scalent Dosing SystemE doze1 Set
5Micon Filter Hsg 20” Big BlueImported2 Nos
6Micron Filter1 Nos
7High Pressure PumpCRI1 No
8MembraneCAS20 No
9Membrane HsgWater Life1 No
10Electric Control PanelLED Base1 Set
11Flow MetersFlow Star/ UKL2 Nos
12Pressure SwitchesDenfoss Or Equ.2 Nos
13Pressure GaugesH Guru2 Nos
14Pipe Fittings1 Lot
15R O Skit1 No