CAB .  Manufacturer and exporter of Sewage Treatment Plant for Shopping mall & theaters & sez . As, the name implies, this plant is suitable for the treatment of sewage, a liquid waste that contains urine, clothes wash water, dish washing water, and other material that goes down drains and toilets from homes, commercial buildings and industries. This Apartment Sewage Treatment Plant carries out the treatment process to produce sewage sludge, which can be used in soil as a wonderful source of nutrients.  Apartments must install this treatment plant for turning wastes into useful resources.

 Common  & Advanced Technologies

 While there are many types of conventional sewage treatment systems, four of the most common systems are presented below. Each of the following systems can treat sewage to meet government discharge regulations in South and Southeast Asia.

1. Activated sludge- ASP

2. Sequencing batch reactor- SBR

3. Fluidized bed bio reactor – FBBR

       4. Moving bed bio reactor – MBBR

Type of –STP

Underground STP ( Below the ground level )

Plant capacity:

1 KLD to 600 KLD

Reuse Application:

• Gardening

  • Road washing
    • Toilet Flushing
    • Landscape Irrigation
    • Cooling Tower 
    • Car Washing
    • Fire Sprinklers 
    • Concrete mixing and other construction application 
    • Non potable use