We design, manufacturing Erection & commissioning of Residential & Industrial Water Softener Plant for varied industries on turnkey basis in Chennai Tamilnadu India.

Residential & Industrial Water Softener Plant

RRR ENVIRO SYSTEMS are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for you and your home & your Industry. Our water softeners are well designed, reliable, tested and certified and offer unrivalled reliability to produce the most luxurious soft water for you and your industry.

Symptoms in WaterCommon CausesPossible Solutions
Grayish white film in sinks, tubs,dishes, reduced suds in laundry,frequent failure of water heaterelements, scale in teapots.Hardness due to calcium and magnesiumdissolved from bedrock. There is no drinking standard but ahardness level above about 120 mg/Lis most likely to cause these symptoms.Ion exchange water softener (exchanges calcium and magnesium for sodium orPotassium).

Why buy from us?

We don’t send sales people to your home & industry and charge you a fortune! We provide top quality systems at competitive internet prices and a honest and reliable installation service. Infact you can be sure that by buying through us, you will save around 35-50% of the cost.

Why buy our water softener?

• Silky and smooth luxurious feel on the skin and hair
• Great for those with skin conditions
• Increase life of boilers, washing machines and all plumbing equipment
• Lower heating bills & better heating efficiency
• Reduction in the use of shampoos, soaps and cleaning products
• Softer feeling on clothes and towels
• Glassware will sparkle and shine
• Cleaning time around the home will be dramatically reduced
• One year warranty


Lots and lots of scrubbing!

No matter how hard you scrub, lime scale and water marks will keep coming back. Lime scale removers are costly and only give you temporary results.

Damage to boilers and plumbing system

The build-up of lime scale in boilers forces them to work harder and less

efficiently and are a major cause in the breakdown of taps, boilers,

central heating systems, washing machines and dishwashers

Dry and itchy skin and dull and lifeless hair
Bathing in hard water can make your skin feel dry and itchy afterwards and can leave your hair feeling dry without any shine.

Showerheads and taps clogged with scale
Showerheads can easily clog up with scale and lose their effectiveness, which means constant cleaning and frequent replacements.

 Dull and lifeless glassware

After washing your glassware in hard water and leaving them to dry,

you will notice how dull and lifeless they look with little or no sparkle.


Save Money

You can save up to 50,000 per year on cleaning products (as soft water makes them go much further), central heating and plumbing maintenance costs and up to 10% of energy bills by making your heating system more efficient.

Less cleaning

You can keep your kitchen, bathrooms and shower rooms looking pristine for much longer than usual and say goodbye to stubborn water marks on shower screens, tiles and worktops, taps and soon.

Softer and smoother skin and silkier hair

You can make your skin and hair feel great and a difference you will notice instantly. Bathing in soft water is a luxurious experience and become and even better place to unwind and relax. Water softeners are also proven to help people with eczema and psoriasis and other sensitive skin conditions.

Alleviate eczema and dry skin conditions

Eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions are helped greatly by soft water. Many of our customers use water softeners for these reasons and the vast majority report less itchiness and need to creams.

Make your glassware sparkle

Make your win glasses and glassware sparkle


Water Softener Basics
Our water softeners use a process called ion exchange, which exchanges (or removes) calcium and magnesium ions, which cause scale, for sodium ions which make your water soft. The softener contains a bed of resin beads which hold sodium ions.
As the water passes through the softener, the resin beads attract and hold the magnesium and calcium ions and release the sodium ions, making the water lovely and soft. Once the ion exchange resins are saturated with hardness, the regeneration sequence
On the water softener begins through backwashing and a down flow flush to drain.